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CLASSIFIED Matrimonial FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHY Photography and Videography for Weddings - Parties, Sweet 16 and all Other Occasions. DEVAL PARIKH Tel: 551-208-4983 To advertise in Desi Talk Matrimonial section Call: 773-856-3445 Email: Matrimonial FEMALE Matrimonial MALE Charotar Moti Sattavis Patidar family welcomes correspondence from a well-educated boy from US citizen, green card holder or H1b visa for their family-oriented daughter (26, 5' 1", I.T., Green card holder) Email: Phone: 912-401-6164 10/20-11/10 SD Hindu-Punjabi parents seek match for US citizen daughter 26/5' 3", fair, slim, very beautiful, medical services coordinator. Contact 480-465-2038 OR 10/20-11/10 JG Chovis Gam Leva Patel affluent family seeks educated, family oriented girl with good Indian cultural and family values for their Son, Pharmacist, 30/5’8” fair handsome Please email biodata: 734-560-4950" 09/22-10/27-MS PUNJABI Brother-in-law Seeks Match for Punjabi Girl (Visiting Chicago) Never married 42 yr/5’ 3”, beautiful, Educated Girl Worked- JC Penney, Air France- wealth management firm Parents Doctors Practicing Medicine New Delhi. Boy must be educated and well settled. Mr./Mrs. Saluja (630) 351-2121 or E-mail bio data/photo 09/29-11/17 MS Matrimonial FEMALE US Born Hindu Vaishnav Issueless Divorcee, Dentist Attractive, 41 yrs / 5' 2" seeks US Resident Highly Educated / Professional Groom Below 45 Years. Send Bio-data+Photo : 10/13-11/03 SL Gujarati Brahmin Parents invite correspondence for 29 yrs, Doctor Daughter from Gujarati Brahman or Vaishnava Vania Boy, Doctor preferred, never married, Non Drinker, Vegetarian. Email Bio/Photo/ Contact Phone: 11/24-12/15 SL Charotar levua Patel family invites correspondence for their daughter born 1984,5'7" Canadian Citizen, H1B - I 140 approved. Masters in Biotech and MBA, working in a managerial capacity International diagnostic product Mfg. co. in USA. Looking for well educated suitable USA or Canada base Candidates. Send bio-data with photograph to 908-720-2240, 519-722-1330 10/27-11/24 SD Gujarati Vaishnav girl Born October `83, 5’ 3". Dentist at USA Cast/ language No bar Email: US Cell : 213-447-3940 India: + 91 222 403 4563, +91 222 4034564 10/27-11/17 SD ESTABLISHED SEATTLE BASED US CITIZEN, NO OTHER FAMILY IN US, ASSET MANAGER, 42. WAS MARRIED FROM 2006-2011. NOW SINGLE FOR 6 YRS & SEEKING A LIFE PARTNER. EMAIL: Call : 310-867-9592 11/03 Sindhi Boy, 37 yrs/ 5’ 8”/ 77 kg, M.Pharm, Principal Scientist, New Jersey, H1B visa, issueless divorcee seeks educated girl upto 35 yrs from USA/India. Email: US Cell +1-631-627-5669 (whatsap). (visiting Mumbai mid Nov-mid Dec) 11/03 SL Gujarati Patel parents invite correspondence for US born 34-yrs daughter, MBA, beautiful, never married, vegetarian, non smoker, having very pleasant personality. Seeking well-educated, US born/raised professional boy. Please send biodata with recent photo: 11/10-12/01 SL Gujarati parents invite correspondence from US raised, Gujarati Physician/Medical professional girl; for US born & educated, handsome physician son 31, vegetarian, well balanced family and cultural values. Email bio/recent photo: 11/10-11/17-SH Matrimonial MALE 30 November 24, 2017 To advertise in CLASSIFIED Call: 773-856-3445, 773-856-0545