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10 November 24, 2017 CITY VIEWS – that’s all you need to know By StaffWriter A n Indian-American at the University of Illinois, has been recognized for developing a method to locate where a potential cyberattacker aiming to disrupt the power grid, a challenge that sci- entists and policymakers in the U.S. and around the world are grappling with. If one can pinpoint the location of the perpetrator accurately and quickly, it may be possible to stop the attack before signif- icant damage occurs. That is the motiva- tion behind the research carried out by Sriramya Bhamidipati and Coordinated Science Lab Assistant Professor Grace Gao, at the University of Illinois, according to a press release from the institution Nov. 15. Their work using GPS signals to deter- mine the location of spoofers—someone sending fake signals that disrupt the power grid—won the best presentation award at the 2017 ION GNSS+ conference. “If there is an attack, we want to deter- mine where the attack is coming from,” Bhamidipati, a PhD student in aerospace engineering, is quoted saying on the uni- versity website. “We can do that using the geometry and timing analysis of GPS sig- nals and the satellite connection to the power grid.” Global Positioning Systems communi- cate with satellites, and spoofer signals will disrupt those signals, Bhamidipati points out. “If we can calculate the difference in distances between the GPS receivers on the ground, in relation to the satellites, we can determine the location of the spoofer," she calculates. Even microseconds of time dif- ference in the power substation's relay can be detected and the location of the spoofer found, Bhamidipati's research findings show. The spoofer location can be caught in less than second, allowing for a quick response from the authorities to stop the attack so that there is no effect on the power grid operations. “GPS is powerful, but civil GPS manipu- lation can be stealthy and relatively easy to do,” said Bhamidipati. “It’s important that we find ways to deal with the inevitable attacks to systems that use GPS.” Bhamidipati and Gao used the Information Trust Institute Power Grid Lab at CSL Studio where a real power grid can be simulated as can malicious attacks. making it possible for them to find a solu- tion. By StaffWriter ongressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Illinois, is urging the U.S. Senate to clear legislation relating to technical education for 21st century jobs. The Thompson-Krishnamoorthi act that passed the House unanimously this June aims to improve technical skills of the workforce to meet the challenges of fast- changing technology. Two hundred and thirty five other Members of the House of Representatives have joined him in a letter to the Education Committee in the U.S. Senate. The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, was co-sponsored with Republican Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson of Pennsylvania, in a rare show of bipartisan approach in Congress. “It’s not often these days that we see a piece of serious legislation pass the House with bipartisan support, never mind unanimously, but that’s exactly what hap- pened with this bill because Democrats and Republicans agree that we need to modernize our career and technical edu- cation system,” Krishnamoorthi said in a press statement Nov. 20. “The House has done its part by passing this legislation unanimously and through our letter, my colleagues and I are calling upon the Senate to do the same. A four-year degree may not be for everyone but an education must be, and this bill will help make that a reality.” The Thompson-Krishnamoorthi act aims to modernize career, technical, and vocational education through increasing local control and employer involvement to focus curricula on in-demand skills. By requiring educators to work directly with local employers to identify the skills need- ed in the work force, the Thompson- Krishnamoorthi Act hopes to ensure that career and technical education programs prepare students not just for their next job, but for a good-paying, family-sustain- ing career, Krishnamoorthi said in a press release. Illinois Rep. Krishnamoorthi Leads 237 Lawmakers Urging Senate To Move Job-training Act C Indian-American Recognized For Developing Method To Locate Power Grid Attackers Sriramya Bhamidipati Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Illinois. Coordinated Science Laboratory Michigan Governor Meets India's Envoy India's Consul General in Chicago with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, at a Nov. 17 reception for consular corps.